Do youfeel your kids never listen to you?

Do your kids
deserve the
best possible you?

Are you ready to make a

in your family but
don't know where to

Do you crave more Peace
in your home?

Do youfeel
your kids never listen to you?

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Join Us on January 29th @ 10 am PST for "Heal You, Heal Your Child: Parenting Patterns Revealed" Workshop


Turning Point 180

I’m so excited to offer the opportunity of the Turning Point 180 program!  This program is designed to meet the needs of parents who are interested in making profound shifts in their parenting style and creating deeper connection with their children all in a group setting.

To understand the depth of the program, please click the link below!

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Personal Coaching Program

We enter into parenthood with a vision of “how things will be” in our homes, and often find ourselves living in a distinctly different reality.

Are you ready to experience a S.H.I.F.T. in your parenting?   You can bring peace to your home, replace conflict with understanding, while creating an unconditional loving bond with your children.

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