Turning Point 180

Turning Point 180 Parenting Program

I am so thrilled that you are here reading about the Turning Point 180 Program.  This program is designed so that you can make the most of the transformational Turning Point Parenting content in a group setting.  You are NOT alone.

You are here because you are ready to make a change in your family but you don’t know where to start!  You feel your parenting style is not working but you don’t know what to do next.  You are in the right place.  I believe that we deserve to be the best parents we came here to be for our children.  We can do this together and I will show you how!

In this rich 10-week Program you will learn to:

  • Let Go Of The Way You Were Parented
  • Understand Brain & Child Development
  • Tap into Core Feelings & Needs
  • Engage in Empowered Conversations
  • Embrace Forgiveness
  • Set Limits that Peacefully Stick
  • Manage Anger
  • Connect through Playful Parenting

Let me tell you how we will do this together.

  • 30-Minute Private Intake Call with Satya
  • 4 Group Coaching Calls per Month
  • Exclusive Online Forum for Group Connection & Dialogue
  • Assigned an Empathy Partner for additional support
  • 30-Minute Private Outtake Call with Satya

There’s more…the Turning Point 180 program participants are given expansion assignments, have access to written and audio support materials and receive 3 separate meditations during our time together.

It’s important to me that you feel comfortable when joining this program.  If you have any questions at all prior to registering, feel free to contact me via email, satya@turningpointparenting.com, or phone, 541.727.8089.  I would be happy to talk with you about your expectations of the program.  Don’t hesitate because your children deserve the best YOU!  The time is NOW!

 Thanks so much!  I’m sitting here in awe of what you’re able to do!  I’ve been in and out of therapy for years, and this is the first time I’ve been able to uncover and work on these deep issues.  And I’m very grateful to you. – Carolyn C., San Diego, CA

 I am so grateful for this experience you gave me. You, the program, and the content have been amazing, insightful and hopeful. It is such deep hard stuff and I can see how having you one on one or in person could help things even more, but this group setting was also wonderful to hear others experiences and support. I wish you could come spend some days with us to help with these tools in the moment, like nanny 911, haha! This has even such a blessing, even though it is a work I’m progress, the mindset shifts my attitude and response to stressful situations as a parent to look deeper with love and empathy. Thank you for all your work, time, energy and attention to every one of us! All my love to you Satya! – J. Roberston, Southern OR

 The Turning Point Parenting program has helped me to uncover and transform challenges I didn’t even know I had. The process has helped me to clear the path to being the parent I want and, can now, consciously choose to be. – S. Garner, Central Point, OR

Satya Beneventi is an amazing and beautiful person. Her heart glows warmly even through a distant phone coaching consultation. Satya’s support is steady and strong, yet kind and gentle at the same time. She is truly an expert in parenting and relationships. Satya weaves together amazing programs where you learn not only from her but also from a lineup or additional amazing professionals in the field of parenting, relationships, and wellness.  Satya is more than a coach to me, she has become a lifelong friend. She is capable of raising your life to a higher level of synergy and happiness, and I highly recommend working with Satya. – L. Rohde, Cave Junction, OR Holistic Health CHC AADP