Setting Limits

Join me in delving deeper



You are in the right place and I’m thrilled you are considering giving yourself this special gift.

Are you ready to experience a Parenting Breakthrough around Setting Limits?

Let’s delve deeper together.

I’m offering this to you in a very structured and organized manner that will follow these 3 easy steps:

The HOW?

You will receive an Empowered Conversation Blueprint. The blueprint is a step-by step guideline on how to communicate your Personal Values to your children.

BONUS: you can use this guideline in ANY relationship in your life!


1-hour 1:1 Coaching Call with me. We go deep in this time together. We will determine any barriers, struggles or challenges you currently have in setting limits with your children. Trust me ~ you are not alone. We will schedule a time that fits YOUR schedule.

“Thanks so much! I’m sitting here in awe of what you’re able to do! I’ve been in and out of therapy for years, and this is the first time I’ve been able to uncover and work on these deep issues. And I’m very grateful to you.” ~ Carolyn C., San Diego, CA

“Linda’s support is steady and strong, yet kind and gentle at the same time. She is truly an expert in parenting and relationships.” ~ Lisa R., Cave Junction, OR


What if you feel your empowered conversation isn’t going as planned, it’s ok, it happens to all of us.

For this, you will receive a 5-step process that can help you make the most out of your Empowered Conversations. This easy to follow process will keep you aligned with your values and keep you on track with YOUR big trigger points.

BONUS: You will use this process with your children all of the time not just when having an empowered conversation. This is a powerful tool for connection.

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Remember, I have never made an offer this low before. I feel it’s time to get this information out and out in a big way. Why shouldn’t every parent have the opportunity to be in connection with their children and learn how that is possible?

I want you to be successful. If you have a chance to make things different for your children, would you?! What price would you put on this? Gift this to yourself this holiday season. You are worth it and so are your children.

BONUS: Just for being here and giving yourself this gift ~ you will also receive, if you wish, a Virtual 30-minute Complimentary Theta Healing session with Healer, Misty Stone. I’ve had several healing sessions and they are powerful beyond measure.

ThetaHealing is a powerful modality that uses the Theta brain waves to access deep subconscious patterns and beliefs. Breakthrough is obtained through a process in which change is witnessed and felt by both practitioner and client.

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Again, welcome to your breakthrough and I so look forward to working with you!

Sending love & light to your home,

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