Parent Coaching

A more peaceful family starts here.

Creating a S.H.I.F.T. in your parenting is no easy task, but by following these steps you’ll discover a new paradigm in the way you parent, which can lead to amazing results.

By experiencing Turning Point Parenting’s collaborative coaching process, you will:

S – Slow down so that you can become responsive instead of reactive and be fully present for your children.

H – Hone in on a deep understanding of your child’s developmental phases in anticipation
of behavioral changes.

I – Integrate a new language of feelings and needs to create deeply connected
relationships with your children.

F – Focus on raising emotionally intelligent children and learn how to have
empowered conversations.

T – Transform anger into setting limits that peacefully stick.


Parent CoachingOur time together is a very personal and interactive 10-week process with clear and concise guidelines.  Either in person or virtually, we meet weekly in a safe and supportive environment to carefully walk through each step, and you are given tangible tools to guide you through the very real day-to-day struggles with your children.  I am with you every step of the way. You are not alone.

Parent Coaching F.A.Q.

What does the Parent Coaching program consist of?
What kind of time commitment is required?
Does it cost more if both parents want to take the program?
What forms of payment do you accept?
Do you offer any type of payment plans?
Is Parent Coaching confidential?

Join me in discovering what can be yours.

By truly engaging in this process, you will transform the relationship you have with your children.  It’s inevitable! Why not start today?

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