A loving atmosphere in your home is the foundation for your life. – Dalai Lama

Turning Point Parenting PhilosophyYou have come here for a reason.

You know that you have a choice in the way you raise your children.  By choosing consciously, you inevitably slow down your mind, question outdated methodologies based on dominance and fear, and gain insight into which process works best for you and your family.

When you make the commitment to the Turning Point Parenting program, you make a commitment to your family.   You will create deeply connected and compassionate relationships with your children that will last a lifetime.   The unique process is based on the principles of building mutual respect and understanding for each other as human beings, truly understanding and putting into practice empathetic responses to your children and unconditional love. The belief that children should express their feelings and needs freely and have their own voice free from criticism, judgment or fear of disapproval is key in creating these lifelong bonds.

The Turning Point Parenting program is a personalized, transformational, 10-week practice, which includes weekly telephone sessions, personalized assignments for parents, as well access to audio recordings and other online content. The program will provide you with the tools which will ultimately allow you to become fully present for your children, especially during the inevitable times of conflict. The result is harmony within your family, and confident, emotionally intelligent children who are ready to meet life’s challenges.

At Turning Point Parenting, our mission is to spread peace in the world by planting the seeds of peace one family at a time, and the time is now.  If every family chose to act on their deepest desires of how they really want to raise their children, what would be possible?

Change your family – change the world.

Start Now.