What my clients and colleagues are saying

Thank you so much!  Our call yesterday was a massive eye opener.  I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am to you for guiding me through this new path!

 ~ Sara A., Saudi Arabia

Thank you Satya.  I would not have been able to have seen beyond my daughter’s “defying” me without your coaching.

~ Bessma B., Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Thanks so much!  I’m sitting here in awe of what you’re able to do!  I’ve been in and out of therapy for years, and this is the first time I’ve been able to uncover and work on these deep issues.  And I’m very grateful to you.

– Carolyn C., San Diego, CA

Satya, thank you so much for the work that you do. You’ve reached me & my husband in a way that we were never able to through years of counseling.

 ~ Tracy B., MO

Truly, from the bottom of my heart, I cannot thank you enough for your guidance, presence and insight. This is transforming my world in an unimaginable way- more so than any other coaching I've received (and that's saying something lol) THANK YOU!!!!

~ K. Gerhardt, NC., Anthony Robbins Coach

You are MAGIC!!!  Cannot believe how many breakthroughs I've had since bringing you into my corner.

~ Sara E., Rio Rancho, NM.

I first developed a relationship with Linda during the years I was her children's preschool and kindergarten teacher. With over 40 years of working with preschoolers, I have met many parents. Some stand out as particularly exceptional, and Linda is one of them. Linda radiates optimism, goodwill, and a caring spirit. She is also very balanced, and has an equal measure of being practical, efficient, organized, and dependable. She is a good listener. It is easy to speak "from the heart" with Linda being confident she will respect confidentiality due to her deep integrity. What brings us most together is a shared passion for the importance of parenting. Linda is a very conscientious parent who is open to learning and growing along the path of parenting. I have no hesitation in recommending her as a parenting coach.

Gesine Abraham – Early Childhood Development Expert, Author, Educator


I feel as though Linda was born for the purpose of affecting positive change for those whose lives she touches. She’s not just a bright light; she’s smart and profoundly capable. I have been deeply moved by our time together and also very uplifted!

Misty S.


Linda your listening skills are unmatched, you have a magic way of hearing what is not even spoken. You have taught me to be a better listener too. I'm now connecting on a much deeper level with our two young boys.

Matt Y.

Linda's stream of questions had been aimed deep beneath the immediate problem.

Dr. Chip R. Bell – Author

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